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The First Garden City

Pioneer Nursery is blessed with great soil, a kind microclimate and is a beautiful place to work with plants.


The Letchworth Pioneers, the people who built Letchworth, recognised this and allocated the land for horticultural use.  Calling it Pioneer Nursery.


100 years ago, these 4 acres were where the trees and plants used in the construction of Letchworth were  grown and housed.  


Pioneer Nursery became a market garden supplying local businesses and market stalls through to the late 1980’s.


After changing ownership and name several times the nursery was looking unloved when Key Essentials Ltd arrived in 2013.  Our aim it to return the nursery to its place serving the local community.

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pioneer nursery-

letchworth's garden

Pioneer Nursery is a hidden gem with a tranquil atmosphere and a long Horticultural history.


We believe that if we treat the Nursery with respect that it will reward us.

We believe that if we keep the Nursery as beautiful as we can, that our customers will return.

The Letchworth Pioneers who built the town knew this land was good for growing.  They allocated this land as the market garden for Letchworth and as such it has a protected status in the the town plan. 


Mark and Amanda Smith